Andrzej Milewski

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The problems of fast channel estimation and fast start-up equalization in synchronous digital communication systems are considered from the viewpoint of the optimization of the training sequence to be transmitted. Various types of periodic sequences having uniform discrete power spectra are studied. Some of them are new and may be generated with data sets(More)
In this work hybrid pectin-based biosorbents with secondary polysaccharide additives (gellan, carob and xanthan gum, ratio to pectin 1:1, 1:1 and 1:3, respectively) were obtained at two temperatures. The presence of these additives in prepared beads was confirmed by Raman spectra. The SEM micrographs show better homogeneity of blends and grater differences(More)
Polyphase sequences which have a low autocorrelation ensure an easily detectable peak in the output of a matched filter of a radar receiver. The low autocorrelation for polyphase codes is usually described in terms of the maximum magnitude of its sidelobes level. In this paper, an evolutionary algorithm combined with a local optimizer is used to search for(More)
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