Andrzej Majewski

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some old and new problems. Abstract. We outline a new approach to the characterization as well as to the classification of positive maps. This approach is based on the facial structures of the set of states and of the cone of positive maps. In particular, the equivalence between Schroedinger's and Heisenberg's pictures is reviewed in this more general(More)
The authors studied the influence of perception time on the quantified image quality of radiographs, using as an experimental basis the target presentation time during which there was no active involvement of the observer. No change in the influence on the observer was seen down to an observation time of 1 sec.; there was a slight but practically negligible(More)
The authors describe a 37-year-old man suffering electric shock caused by high-voltage current 3 000 Volt. The shock caused a fall with severe craniocerebral injury with fracture of occipital squama and subacute epidural haematoma in the posterior cerebral fossa. The injury was associated with vascular disturbances of the brain and brain stem which caused(More)
In a 47-year-old women two subarachnoid haemorrhages developed with paralysis of the right oculomotor nerve. A big aneurysm on the right internal carotid artery was closed with a clip from intracranial approach. Seven months later the left oculomotor nerve was paralysed without haemorrhage. Another operation was done on the contralateral side clipping the(More)
BACKGROUND Pectus excavatum (PE) is the most common chest wall deformity in adolescent life. Nuss procedure is a well-established technique for the repair of PE. The indication for correction is mainly medical aesthetic. Advantages of Nuss over conventional methods include reduced length of hospital stay, smaller incisions, and absence of need for(More)
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