Andrzej Lewicki

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Biochar as an amendment could have an impact on composting dynamics. This study investigated the effect of the addition of biochar (B) to poultry manure (P) mixed with wheat straw (S) (i.e. P:S, P:S+5%B and P:S+10%B) on temperature and carbon dioxide emission. For temperature studies a modified equation for net degree-hour parameter DHnet (°Chday(-1)) was(More)
The aim of this research was investigate the possibility of using methods of computer image analysis and artificial neural networks for to assess the amount of dry matter in the tested compost samples. The research lead to the conclusion that the neural image analysis may be a useful tool in determining the quantity of dry matter in the compost. Generated(More)
In 40 patients with unstable angina pectoris a variety of electrocardiographic parameters were analysed. In all patients routine ECG, signal averaged high resolution ECG. 24 hour ECG recordings and heart rate variability analysis were performed at admission and repeated at 7 day of hospitalization. During second week patients underwent also exercise(More)
The main aim of the article was to present research on the application of computer image analysis in Life Science and Environmental Engineering. The authors used different methods of computer image analysis in developing of an innovative biotest in modern biomonitoring of water quality. Created tools were based on live organisms such as bioindicators Lemna(More)
In 82 patients with unstable ischemic heart disease (IHD) before and after revascularisation (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty-PTCA-in 11 patients and coronary artery bypass graft-CABG-in 71 patients) silent ischemia incidence was observed. In these patients before and after operation election fraction (EF) and wall motion score index (IK)(More)