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Since the mechanical properties of single cells together with the intercellular adhesive properties determine the macro-mechanical properties of plants, a method for evaluation of the cell elastic properties is needed to help explanation of the behavior of fruits and vegetables in handling and food processing. For this purpose, indentation of tomato(More)
Jasmonates are oxygenated lipids (oxylipins) that control defense gene expression in response to cell damage in plants. How mobile are these potent mediators within tissues? Exploiting a series of 13-lipoxygenase (13-lox) mutants in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) that displays impaired jasmonic acid (JA) synthesis in specific cell types and using(More)
Reports concerning the function of glutamate (Glu) in the electrical and movement phenomena in plants are scarce. Using the method of extracellular measurement, we recorded electrical potential changes in the stem of 3-week-old Helianthus annuus L. plants after injection of Glu solution. Simultaneously, circumnutation movements of the stem were measured(More)
In this study, the biospeckle technique was evaluated for monitoring of apple bull's eye rot development and product quality in general, during storage under various conditions and during subsequent shelf life. This non-destructive optical method is based on the analysis of laser light variations scattered from the sample. Apples of the cultivars 'Pinova'(More)
The physiological control and molecular mechanism of circumnutation (CN) has not yet been fully understood. To gain information on the CN mechanism, the relationship between the changes of electrical potential and movement in the circumnutating sunflower stem and effect of ion channels and proton pump inhibitors on CN parameters were evaluated. Long-term(More)
The biospeckle phenomenon is used for nondestructive monitoring the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables, but in the case of plant tissues there is a lack of experimentally confirmed information about the biological origin of the biospeckle activity (BA). As a main sources of BA, processes associated with the movement inside the cell, such as cytoplasmic(More)
Determination of the optimum harvest window plays a key role in the agro-food chain as the quality of fruit depends on the right harvesting time and appropriate storage conditions during the postharvest period. Usually, indices based on destructive measurements are used for this purpose, like the De Jager Index (PFW-1), FARS index and the most popular(More)
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