Andrzej Kozłowski

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The electronic and magnetic properties of individual Fe atoms adsorbed on the surface of the topological insulator Bi 2 Te 3 (111) are investigated. Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy prove the existence of two distinct types of Fe species, while our first-principles calculations assign them to Fe adatoms in the hcp and fcc hollow sites. The(More)
ATP is a potential marker of cell vialibility and growth. The content of ATP and 3H-valine incorporation into proteins were measured and the morphometry was performed after antidepressant treatment of astrocytes cultured in vitro with or without dibutyryl 3'5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (dB-cAMP). Antidepressants were added into the culture medium (for(More)
Using electroneurographic and morphological methods the effect of Biogonadyl on the regeneration of sectioned and the sutured sciatic nerves was evaluated. The analysis of conduction parameters in the sciatic nerves during the 6-week experiment, although the results obtained were not statistically significant, suggests a beneficial effect of Biogonadyl upon(More)
We present the results of surgical treatment of idiopathic epidural lipomatosis in a 38 year-old man. Our results were evaluated 3 years; after operation. This is the third case of idiopathic epidural lipomatosis in literature in which a very good result of treatment was obtained and patient returned to previous work.
We present the results of inelastic x-ray scattering for magnetite and analyze the energies and widths of the phonon modes with different symmetries in a broad range of temperature 125 < T < 293 K. The phonon modes with X(4) and Δ(5) symmetries broaden in a nonlinear way with decreasing T when the Verwey transition is approached. It is found that the maxima(More)
In 1988-1997, patients with extreme lateral disc prolaps (KBWJM) were operated on the Department of Neurosurgery Medical Academy of Białystok. Females accounted for 4.9% (2 cases) and 95.1% were males (39 cases) with age range 41-60 years. During a study of clinical state 12 months after the operation, we found in 75.6% of patients good and very good(More)
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