Andrzej Kotarba

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The mechanical and protective properties of parylene N and C coatings (2-20 μm) on stainless steel 316L implant materials were investigated. The coatings were characterized by scanning electron and(More)
Parylene C surface was modified by the use of oxygen plasma treatment and characterized by microscopic and surface-sensitive techniques (E-SEM, AFM, XPS, LDI-TOF-MS, contact angle). The influence of(More)
The electron work function as an essential descriptor for the evaluation of metal implant surfaces against bacterial infection is identified for the first time. Its validity is demonstrated on(More)
A facile one-step sonochemical method was employed for the first time for gentamicin nanoparticles (GNPs) fabrication and embedding into the surface of parylene C implant coating. The developed(More)