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As-fired thick-film resistors have the resistance tolerance within ±20% and this tolerance is increased for smaller components. Therefore the novel trimming methods are necessary for microresistors, especially when they are embedded in LTCC substrate. This paper compares electrical (normalized temperature dependence of resistance, low frequency noise) and(More)
In most cases authors are permitted to post their version of the article (e.g. in Word or Tex form) to their personal website or institutional repository. Authors requiring further information regarding Elsevier's archiving and manuscript policies are encouraged to visit: a b s t r a c t Low-frequency noise spectroscopy is used to examine the interactions(More)
Mathematical model of the process that takes place during liquid solution evaporation in the vertical thin-film evaporat or of static type was developed. The model consists of differential equations of flow, heat and mass transfer as well as boundary conditions. The model was applied for CFD simulations of water-propylene glycol solutions evaporation under(More)
Non-equilibrium Green's function method is used to analyze electronic transport in a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser on microscopic level. Basing on the excellent agreement found between calculated and experimental data, the conclusions are derived that the carrier distribution in the lower laser subband is non-thermal, and the carriers are extracted(More)
One-band 1D effective mass model useful in the simulations of layered n-type devices is proposed. The model preserves nonparabolicity both in transport and in-plane directions and enables calculations of intersubband absorption. Simulations of quantum cascade laser are presented which use the model within nonequilibrium Green's function method.
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