Andrzej Kierzek

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Vincenz Priestnitz (1799-1851) and Wilhelm Winternitz (1835-1905) were creators of world hydrotherapy. Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1893), the priest at Worishofen, the owner of the hydro-therapeutic infirmary where are found precursors of many hydro-therapeutic methods. He was the author of several popular books based on his experience. The book "My water(More)
This paper is the work on history of diaphanoscopy (transillumination) of maxillary sinuses and other otolaryngological and abdomen organs. The aim of this paper is to present the transillumination of maxillary sinuses--an important method before X--rays invention. The contributions of various Polish physicians: Teodor Heryng, Ludwik Guranowski, Józef(More)
The history of the country town Sterdyń an administrative district of Siedlce is presented briefly. History of the hospital at this country town is described in more detail. The life, scientific, professional and organizational achievements of Sebastian Rosicki are presented (1830-1877), a distinquished Polish provincial physician. The Rosicki's successors(More)
The professional and scientific activities in the area of otiatrics of Edmund Modrzejewski (1849-1893) are presented. Modrzejewski's education in otology in Vienna and other places is strongly pointed out. His achievements in the treatment of many diseases of the ear are depicted. Modrzejewski is shown as a one of the pioneer of treatment of deaf-mutism in(More)
On the occasion of 100's anniversary of first phoniatrics' department foundation in Poland--"The Warsaw Institute of Speech Deviation", the activity of dr med. Władysław Ołtuszewski its organizer and the pioneer of Polish phoniatrics is described. The main topics of his activities are referred in his book "About speech and its disorders" (1906). Dr(More)
The scientific achievements of many Warsaw otolaryngologists in the second part of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century are presented. Karol Benni's (1843-1916) contribution to the world otology is described. The famous Warsaw laryngologist Teodor Heryng (1847-1925) was a creator of a new operating method of the larynx tuberculosis by(More)
The Jan Szmurło activity in hospitals and infirmaries in Warsaw during the second world war and his participation in Warsaw insurrection are described. His contribution to revival of medical sciences at Lódź after the second world war are presented. Szmurło is shown as a one of a precursor of physiotherapy and climatobalneology, and as person of merit for(More)
The trials of "organic" closure of drum perforation are described. The achievements of Adam Politzer, Hermann Schwartze, Joseph Gruber are presented. The first who used term "myringoplasty" was Emil Berthold. The "epochal" method of Wasilij Okuniew and achievements of Beniamin Gomperz are also depicted. The scientific activities of Polish otologists: Ludwik(More)