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Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) which causes a highly contagious disease of wild and domestic rabbits belongs to the family Caliciviridae. It is a small, positive single-stranded RNA virus with a genome of 7.5 kb and has a diameter of approximately 40 nm. In negatively stained electron micrographs the virus shows typical calicivirus morphology with(More)
This paper describes multi-objective construction optimization of hydrodynamic torque converter with the application of a genetic algorithm. The main optimization criteria were: torque ratio, efficiency, permeability and a range of high efficiencies. Overall 16 variables were selected as main optimized parameters. Among them were: active diameter,(More)
In this paper a numerical estimation of hydrodynamic torque converter model is discussed. During the estimation it was assumed that the flow through in working area contains multiple flow streams. A contribution of each individual flow stream in transferring torque was assumed based on a pre-selected torque function. Model estimation relied upon proper(More)
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