Andrzej Jurkowski

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The authors studied the changes in cAMP and cGMP concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid in 38 patients with multiple sclerosis. A statistically significant fall of cAMP was observed with a simultaneous rise of cGMP in the initial stage of the disease as compared with the control group. In the later course of the disease and development of various(More)
The influence of haloperidol and propranolol on aggressiveness, motility exploration and general behavior, and the activity or level of adenylate cyclase, cyclic AMP, and protein kinase in the brain of mice treated with LSD was tested. Haloperidol evidently, and propranolol slightly less, inhibited the behavioral and biochemical changes induced by LSD. It(More)
The concentrations of cAMP and the activity of adenyl cyclase and specific cAMP-phosphodiesterase were determined in certain structures of rabbit brain. Statistically significant differences were found in the concentrations of cAMP; and enzyme activity between certain structures of the brain, particularly in the structures of the brain stem: mesencephalon,(More)
Using a mixed rosette technique the counts of lymphocytes forming rosettes E and EA and non-rosette-forming lymphocytes were determined in the peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid in 15 multiple sclerosis patients and 17 controls. A rise was observed in the percent and absolute value of non-rosette-forming lymphocytes in the peripheral blood and(More)
In a group of 51 patients the concentrations of cAMP and cGMP and their ratio were determined in the cerebrospinal fluid in certain neurological diseases. Statistically significant differences were found in the values of the concentrations of the above metabolites in selected groups of neurological diseases. Generally speaking, apart from a group of(More)