Andrzej Jordan

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The minimization of power losses in the medium voltage (MV) grid requires adjustment of network of power sources. This problem is particularly important for renewable energy sources, for example for the farms of wind generators. Their placement and nominal power should be selected according to the configuration of the network and the largest loads. The(More)
The speculative method is intended to conduct transient states analysis in electrical circuits in which the transient state is described by a system of ordinary differential equations (ODE), linear or non-linear. A general idea of this method is based on the decomposition of the time domain. Computations in subintervals of time are conducted in parallel(More)
This paper presents a visualization technique based on the OpenGL graphic standard of the parallel simulations of the electromagnetic field propagation. Such simulations are based on the parallel implementation of the Finite Differences Time Domain method. The algorithm is implemented in a homogeneous cluster system and uses the :stripe" decomposition of(More)