Andrzej Jan Dyszkiewicz

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Background. The nervous system, in reaction to pain, restrains the range of motion in the affected limb, increasing the amplitude on the healthy side. Thus the asymmetry of a given motion can be used in the quantitative assessment of the impact of pain on the nervous system. The main aims of our study were: (1) to apply Lasegue's asymmetry coefficients,(More)
Alterations in the finger microcirculation in patients with disturbed function of the thyroid gland was evaluated with planimetric photoplethysmography. One-hundred forty-one patients with disturbed thyroid function (31 overt hyperthyreoidism, 10 latent hyperthyreoidism, 79 overt hypothyreoidism, 22 latent hypothyroidism) and 30 healthy individuals were(More)
The paper presents the distribution of the parameters of mechanical stiffness in a sample of animal bone. The parameters are measured at different distances from the cortical bone. As it is widely known, bone properties vary significantly depending on the length of the bone. Additionally, the properties of trabecular bone also depend on its distance from(More)
In this work, we have presented an attempt at the computer modelling of the attenuation effect of X-ray radiation which occurs in the densitometry test. The purpose of the modelling is to examine the extent to which the parameters of the plate model of bone tissue affect bone mineral density (BMD) parameter. In the modelling the fundamental functions(More)
Background. The following study is an attempt to draw the readers' attention to the issue of the multifariousness of the intervertebral discs' destructive processes resulting in the neuro-vertebral syndrome. The professional literature mentioned here gives a prominence to the thread of immunological phenomena accompanying disc diseases and their treatment.(More)
The development of orthodontics has improved thanks to the introduction of adhesives which are physically and chemically akin to tooth enamel and brackets. These materials often fall short of the required durability standards. The objective was to evaluate the real strength of the adhesives and to introduce a proprietary device, generating multiple vectors(More)
Computerised system for analysis of radioiodine therapy efficiacy in hyperthyroid patients was presented. The system is based on comparative analysis of maximal emission distribution recorded in scintigrams performed before and after the treatment. It seems that the system after improvement of its software will be useful for clinical practice.
OBJECTIVE Research was conducted on parametric profiles of healthy subjects and patients with cervico-brachial pain syndrome resulting from C4/5 and/or C5/6 discopathy, including magnetic remanence of tissues in marker points 1-12 (L+R) and functional parameters, and their subsequent change after treatment in group A, using method of push-pull galvanic(More)