Andrzej Jamiolkowski

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In this paper, we discuss the minimal number η of observables Q1,. .. , Qη, where expectation values at some time instants t1,. .. , tr determine the trajectory of a d-level quantum system (" qudit ") governed by the Gaus-sian semigroup Φ(t)ρ = 1 √ 2πt ∞ −∞ ds e −s 2 /(2t) e −iHs ρe iHs. We assume that the macroscopic information about the system in(More)
The main objective of this paper is to discuss correspondence between the concept of entanglement witnesses (self-adjoint operators on a composite Hilbert space H = H1⊗H2 that are, in general, not positive, but are positive on separable states) and positive maps Φ : L(H1) → L(H2) which are not completely positive. The notion of minimal length of linear(More)
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