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ABSTFWCT WDM in multilayer transport networks raises many questions regarding the coordination of the individual network layers. Especially in the area of network survivability, much can be gained by a better alignment of the healing actions taken by different network layers in case of outages. Survivability issues encountered in a multi-layer environment(More)
  • A. Jajszczyk
  • 2004
The paper gives an overview of the automatically switched optical network (ASON), concentrating on its control plane. Drivers for automatically switched optical networks are briefly presented. The ASON architecture, based on transport, control, and management planes, is discussed. Types of connections supported by ASON are described, including permanent,(More)
rovisioning of resilient communication services is a significant aspect of network engineering. One important research issue, which has recently gained attention, is resilience differentiation. The challenge is to enable provision-ing of services with different resilience characteristics such as the availability, continuity and duration of downtimes in the(More)
A reliable control plane plays a crucial role in creating high-level services in the next-generation transport network based on the generalized multiprotocol label switching (GMPLS) or automatically switched optical networks (ASON) model. Approaches to control-plane survivability, based on protection, and restoration mechanisms, are examined. Procedures for(More)
With the increased role of resilience in modern networks, the existing quality of service is required to be expanded with service availability and maintainability. Recently, studies have shown the strong limitation of the common availability metrics for measuring the user's quality of experience. In this article a joint specification of QoS definitions with(More)