Andrzej Furman

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BACKGROUND Two or more species are cryptic, if they are morphologically similar, biologically distinct, and misclassified as a single species. Cryptic species complexes were recently discovered within many bat species and we suspect that the bent-wing bat, Miniopterus schreibersii, found in Europe, northern Africa, and Asia Minor, could also form such a(More)
Identification of intraspecific conservation units and incorporating the distribution of genetic diversity into management plans are crucial requirements for assessing effective protection strategies. This study investigates the phylogeographic structures of 33 bat species present in the Near East in order to evaluate the conservation implications of their(More)
OBJECTIVE Standard deviation score or Z-score reference charts are used in some countries in preference to percentile charts and are considered as better tools in assessing children with measurements outside the accepted limits of normality. Growth data for Istanbul children have previously been reported as percentiles; hence, the aim of this study is to(More)
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