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Phytotoxicological tests were conducted during 6weeks on the willow Salix amygdalina using six concentrations of landfill leachate. Plants were exposed to landfill leachate solutions using two regimes: (A) - the willow shoots were watered by leachate solution from the beginning of the test; (B) - the willow shoots were cultivated in pots with clean water(More)
Because of low investment and operational costs, interest is increasing in the use of willow plants in landfill leachate disposal. Toxic effects of leachate on the plants should be avoided in the initial period of growth and phytotoxicological testing may be helpful to select appropriate leachate dose rates. The aim of this study was to determine the(More)
Thermal treatment of sewage sludge produces fly ash, also known as the air pollution control residue (APCR), which may be recycled as a component of artificial lightweight aggregates (ALWA). Properties of APCR are typical: high content of Ca, Mg, P2O5, as well as potential to induce alkaline reactions. These properties indicate that ALWA prepared with a(More)
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