Andrzej Berman

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The effect of heat stress on capillary blood flow (CBF) distribution was examined in laying hens, using 15 micron microspheres, by determining CBF before and after elevating body temperature by 1–2°C. No change was evident in unfeathered metatarsal skin, although its temperature increased by 7°C. Breast skin CBF change was 3.5 times larger than that of back(More)
Patent right and left limbs of an aortobifemoral knitted polyester graft and a patent left femoropopliteal graft, both implanted for 14 years, were removed 40 hr postmortem from a 63-year-old man. Healing studies were performed, using routine and immunocytochemistry staining scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) on(More)
The only clinically acceptable radical treatment for patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is a whole pancreas transplantation, or alternatively an infusion of isolated islet cells into the hepatic portal venous system. Allogeneic transplantation of isolated islet cells is a procedure used only in a highly specific group of recipients, whereas(More)
Concurrent falls in milk production and electrical resistance of composite milk were examined in Israeli Holstein cows. The cows were milked three times a day by a system that recorded yield and the lowest electrical resistance in the composite milk from the four glands. The study included two groups: cows that experienced on day 0 a decline in resistance(More)
Erythrocyte (RBC) survival time as determined by in vivo 59Fe-labeled RBC in 6 adult sheep was 111.7 (SEM +/- 8.4) days. The plasma clearance (T/2) of 59Fe was 148 (+/- 17.3) minutes and the maximum RBC uptake of 59Fe was 52.4% (+/- 3.6%). Plasma iron turnover rate was 0.356 (+/- 0.016) mg/kg/24 hours, and RBC iron turnover rate was 0.186 (+/- 0.016)(More)
Reduced physical activity and high calories up-take along with carbohydrates based diet are considered to be a leading cause of diabetes mellitus rise in western countries. Together with rise in DM morbidity, increase of complicated diabetes is also observed. Pancreas transplantation occurred to be a milestone in diabetic patient management. Guine pig(More)
Background: Kidney transplantation is currently the best method of renal replacement therapy in patients with chronic renal failure. A common complication in renal transplantation patients is urinary tract infection (UTI). We assessed UTI risk factors in kidney recipients from deceased donors and its impact on graft function and survival. Material and(More)
The red blood cell half-life as determined by 51Cr-labelled autologous cells in five adult sheep was 13.7 days. In contrast, the red blood cell life span measured by cohort 59Fe-labelling in six adult sheep was 111.7 days. The rapid loss of 51Cr-activity from the circulation appears to result from rapid elution of the label from the circulating red cells.(More)