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Volume 717 Granular Computing is an emerging conceptual and computing paradigm of information processing. It has been motivated by the urgent need for intelligent processing of empirical data that is now commonly available in vast quantities, into a humanly manageable abstract knowledge. In this sense, granular computing offers a landmark change from the(More)
This paper describes a general fuzzy min-max (GFMM) neural network which is a generalization and extension of the fuzzy min-max clustering and classification algorithms developed by Simpson. The GFMM method combines the supervised and unsupervised learning within a single training algorithm. The fusion of clustering and classification resulted in an(More)
The study is devoted to a granular analysis of data. We develop a new clustering algorithm that organizes findings about data in the form of a collection of information granules-hyperboxes. The clustering carried out here is an example of a granulation mechanism. We discuss a compatibility measure guiding a construction (growth) of the clusters and explain(More)
This paper contributes to the conceptual and algorithmic framework of information granulation. We revisit the role of information granules that are relevant to several main classes of technical pursuits involving temporal and spatial granulation. A detailed algorithm of information granulation, regarded as an optimization problem reconciling two conflicting(More)
—Probabilistic topic models were originally developed and utilised for document modeling and topic extraction in Information Retrieval. In this paper we describe a new approach for automatic learning of terminological ontologies from text corpus based on such models. In our approach, topic models are used as efficient dimension reduction techniques, which(More)
In this paper, we propose a fuzzy rule-generation method for pattern classification problems. We consider a situation where each training pattern has a weight. The weight is considered as a cost of misclassification/ rejection of classification. Our fuzzy classification system consists of a set of fuzzy if-then rules. The antecedent part of fuzzy if-then(More)
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