Andry Maykol Pinto

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The sensors that acquire 3D data play an important role in many applications. In addition, they have been used in the robotic field for several purposes, for instance, enhancing the navigation of mobile robots, object detection, scene reconstruction, 3D inspection of parts and others. Moreover, a significant amount of devices with distinct cost, accuracy(More)
This paper presents a visual localization approach that is suitable for domestic and industrial environments as it enables accurate, reliable and robust pose estimation. The mobile robot is equipped with a single camera which update sits pose whenever a landmark is available on the field of view. The innovation presented by this research focuses on the(More)
Visual motion perception from a moving observer is the most often encountered case in real life situations. It is a complex and challenging problem, although, it can promote the arising of new applications. This article presents an innovative and autonomous robotic system designed for active surveillance and a dense optical flow technique. Several optical(More)