Andruid Kerne

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Previously, video streaming sites were at the fringes of online social media. In the past two years, live streams of video games, on sites such as, have become very popular. Live streams serve as meeting grounds for player communities. The Twitch streaming medium combines broadcast video with open IRC chat channels. In conjunction with gameplay,(More)
CollageMachine synthesizes artistic and computational practices in order to represent media from the World Wide Web (WWW). It functions as a process-based art work, and as a special browser which can be useful for searching. Media elements are pulled from Web pages and composed into a collage which evolves over time. The evolving art work / browsing session(More)
Evaluating creativity support environments is challenging. Some approaches address people&#8217;s experiences of creativity. The present method measures creativity, across conditions, in the products that people make. This research introduces <i>information-based ideation</i> (IBI), a paradigm for investigating open-ended tasks and activities in which(More)
We develop new understanding of how people engage in digital curation. We interview twenty users of Pinterest, a social curation platform. We find that through collecting, organizing, and sharing image bookmarks, users engage in processes of <i>everyday ideation</i>. That is, they use digital found objects as creative resources to develop ideas for shaping(More)
Collection understanding shifts the traditional focus of retrieval in large collections from locating specific artifacts to gaining a comprehensive view of the collection. Visualization tools are critical to the process of efficient collection understanding By presenting simple visual interfaces and intuitive methods of interacting with a collection, users(More)
Crisis response engenders a high-stress environment in which teams gather, transform, and mutually share information. Prior educational approaches have not successfully addressed these critical skills. The assumption has been that the highest fidelity simulations result in the best learning. Deploying high-fidelity simulations is expensive and dangerous;(More)
We used the situated context of real-time strategy (RTS) games to address the design and evaluation of new pen + touch interaction techniques. RTS play is a popular genre of Electronic Sports (<i>eSports</i>), games played and spectated at an extremely high level. Interaction techniques are critical for eSports players, because they so directly impact(More)
CollageMachine is an agent of recombination. Aesthetics of musical composition and conceptual detournement underlie its development. The composer John Cage and Dada artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst used structured chance procedures to create aesthetic assemblages. These works create new meaning by recontextualizing found objects. Instead of(More)