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CollageMachine synthesizes artistic and computational practices in order to represent media from the World Wide Web (WWW). It functions as a process-based art work, and as a special browser which can be useful for searching. Media elements are pulled from Web pages and composed into a collage which evolves over time. The evolving art work / browsing session(More)
We develop new understanding of how people engage in digital curation. We interview twenty users of Pinterest, a social curation platform. We find that through collecting, organizing, and sharing image bookmarks, users engage in processes of <i>everyday ideation</i>. That is, they use digital found objects as creative resources to develop ideas for shaping(More)
Walden's Paths is a suite of tools that supports the creation and presentation of linear hypermedia paths—targeted collections that enable authors to reorganize and contextualize Web-based information for presentation to an audience. Its current tools focus primarily on authoring and presenting paths, but not on the discovery and vetting of the materials(More)
combinFormation is a mixed-initiative creativity support tool for searching, browsing, organizing, and integrating information. Images and text are connected to represent surrogates (enhanced bookmarks), optimizing the use of human cognitive facilities. Composition, an alternative to lists and spatial hypertext, is used to represent a collection of(More)
People need to find, work with, and put together information. Diverse activities, such as scholarly research, comparison shopping, and entertainment involve collecting and connecting information resources. We need to represent collections in ways that promote understanding of individual information resources and also their relationships. Representing(More)
Fire emergency response requires rapidly processing and communicating information to coordinate teams that protect lives and property. Students studying to become fire emergency responders must learn to communicate, process, and integrate information during dangerous, stressful, and time-sensitive work. We are performing an ethnographic investigation that(More)
CollageMachine builds interactive collages from the Web. First you choose a direction. Then CollageMachine will take you surfing out across the Internet as far as it can reach. It builds a collage from the most interesting media it can find for you. You don't have to click through links. You rearrange the collage to refine your exploration. CollageMachine(More)
This paper continues the movement from technology centered to human centered approaches in the study of tasks that involve finding, understanding, and using information, and tools that support these tasks. The iterative role of information as a stimulus to cognition is considered. The information discovery framework consists of a flowchart of connected(More)