Androniki D. Tosca

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Melanocytic nevi are recognized as precursors of melanoma. Aiding in early recognition of melanoma, we estimated color texture parameters, fractal dimension and lacunarity of melanoma and other melanocytic nevi. Digital images of the lesions were processed. Graphic three-dimensional pseudoelevation images of the lesions and surrounding skin were produced to(More)
The aim of this work was to present an efficient and objective method of wound healing assessment based on serial measurements of ulcer dimensions and calculation of wound margin advancement towards the center of the lesion. The method is implemented via computer software, which permits clinicians to perform necessary computations. The proposed method of(More)
Background: Although biologic therapies have revolutionized the treatment of psoriasis, patients exhibit a substantial heterogeneous response that could be due to complex genetic heterogeneity. Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the possible influence of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF), TNF receptor I (TNFRSF1A), and TNF receptor II(More)
BACKGROUND In Greece where primary health care services are not fully developed, patients with simple or minor conditions have to attend to hospitals to be treated. We analysed the data of patients with cutaneous disorders attending the tertiary referral hospital on the Island of Crete, with the aim to identify the most common conditions that patients(More)
Even though surface morphology is always taken into account when assessing clinically pigmented skin lesions, it is not captured by most modern imaging systems using digital imaging. Our aim is to develop a novel three-dimensional (3D) imaging technique to record detailed information of the surface anatomy of melanocytic lesions that will enable improved(More)
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