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Many government organizations publish a variety of data on the web to enable transparency, foster applications, and to satisfy legal obligations. Data content, format, structure, and quality vary widely, even in cases where the data is published using the wide-spread linked data principles. Yet within this data and their integration lies much value: We(More)
Many government organizations publish a variety of data on the web to facilitate transparency. The multitude of sources has resulted in heterogeneous structures and formats as well as varying quality of such data. We report on a project dubbed <i>GovWild</i> (&lt;u&gt;Gov&lt;/u&gt;ernment &lt;u&gt;W&lt;/u&gt;eb Data &lt;u&gt;I&lt;/u&gt;ntegration for(More)
A large number of statistical indicators (GDP, life expectancy, income, etc.) collected over long periods of time as well as data on historical events (wars, earthquakes, elections, etc.) are published on the World Wide Web. By augmenting statistical outliers with relevant historical occurrences, we provide a means to observe (and predict) the influence and(More)
Information about upcoming trends is considered to be a valuable source of knowledge for both, companies and individuals. A large number of market analysts working at monitoring a particular business field, with many employing manual methods to do so. Since the amount of available data on the internet is far too high for humans to monitor, which carries a(More)
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