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Critical infrastructures (CI) such as telecommunication or the power grids and their dependencies are getting increasingly complex. Understanding these – often indirect –dependencies is a vital precondition for the prevention of cross sector cascading failures of CI. Simulation is an important tool for CI dependency analysis, the test of(More)
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are controlled complex technical systems. On one hand they do exist and behave in the physical world with their dedicated physical and technical rules. On the other hand they are controlled according to certain policies -- frequently by a "tandem" of control systems and human operators. Modern cars, aircrafts, power grids,(More)
A case of transciliary vitreous drainage with simultaneous local vitrectomy as surgical treatment for hypertensive pain syndrome (HPS) in absolute glaucoma is described and analyzed. The patient presented with severe eye pain, high intraocular pressure, corneal edema, and hyphema. During surgery a drain opening was made under the superficial scleral flap in(More)
Treatment of 10 patients with bleedings from the pancreatic cysts was analyzed. Angiography with endovascular occlusion of the source of bleeding was used in 4 patients. Hemostasis was achieved in 2 patients. Emergency operations were made on 7 patients with continuing and repeated bleedings, and unsuccessful attempts of roentgen-endovascular treatment. Two(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a surgical technique based on transciliary vitreous drainage and aimed at pain elimination in refractory glaucoma. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 33 eyes with terminal painful glaucoma were assessed and surgically treated. RESULTS A drain opening was made under the superficial scleral flap in the site of pars plana projection and(More)
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