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Natural enzymes contain highly evolved active sites that lead to fast rates and high selectivities. Although artificial metalloenzymes have been developed that catalyze abiological transformations with high stereoselectivity, the activities of these artificial enzymes are much lower than those of natural enzymes. Here, we report a reconstituted artificial(More)
Classical relativistic system of point particles coupled with an electromagnetic field is considered in the three-dimensional representation. The gauge freedom connected with the chronometrical invariance of the four-dimensional description is reduced by use of the geometrical concept of the forms of rel-ativistic dynamics. The remainder gauge degrees of(More)
The canonical realization of the Poincaré group for the systems of the pointlike particles coupled with the electromagnetic, massive vector and scalar fields is constructed. The reduction of the canonical field degrees of freedom is done in the linear approximation in the coupling constant. The Poincaré generators in terms of particle variables are found.(More)
Models of strongly correlated electrons that tend to phase separate are studied including a long-range 1/r repulsive interaction. It is observed that charge-density-wave states become stable as the strength of the 1/r term, V coul , is increased. Due to this effect, the domain of stability of the supercon-ducting phases that appear near phase separation at(More)
In this note we review our ideas, first published in year 2006, and corresponding results, including the new ones, which show that whereas the assumption of (partial) thermalization in relativistic A+A collisions is really crucial to explain soft physics observables, the hypotheses of early thermalization at times less than 1 fm/c is not necessary. The(More)
Dynamic properties of the three-dimensional single-band Hubbard model are studied using quantum Monte Carlo combined with the maximum entropy technique. At half-filling, there is a clear gap in the density of states and well-defined quasiparticle peaks at the top ͑bottom͒ of the lower ͑upper͒ Hubbard band. We find an antiferromagnetically induced weight(More)
Numerical and analytical studies of several models of correlated electrons are discussed. Based on exact diagonalization and variational Monte Carlo techniques , we have found strong indications that the two dimensional t − J model supercon-ducts near phase separation in the regime of quarter-filling density, in agreement with previous results reported by(More)
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