Andrii Halkin

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In modern medicine, sophisticated laboratory tests and imaging studies are often emphasized at the expense of history and physical examination, rather than complementing clinical assessment. Ancillary testing often fails to advance the diagnostic process, and increases patient risk and the expense of medical care. The relative value of clinical evaluation(More)
The evolution of the physiological profile of gymnasts over the past 40 years is outlined. Generally, gymnasts have a low aerobic aptitude in spite of an increase in the number of training hours. During the last decades, anaerobic power of gymnasts has increased. And now, the maximal power output measured by the Wingate test in high level male gymnasts is(More)
Ever since the Samaritans were “re-discovered” in modern Europe, the interest in them has been maintained not only because of a thirst for knowledge, but also, or, perhaps rather, because of the help they afford to understand better known groups and practices. Almost all studies of the Samaritans have striven to draw parallels or distractions between them(More)
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