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Myopia is a problem of public health concern in Singapore for three reasons. Firstly, the prevalence of myopia (more than −0.5 dioptres (D)) is one of the highest worldwide. Twenty per cent of Singapore children are myopic at 7 years at the start of their primary education, 1 with prevalence exceeding 70% upon completing college education.
A non-technical guide to their causes and prevention The CSIR has published a comprehensive technical guide on potholes, their causes, identification and repair. This short, non-technical guide accompanies the longer publication. It summarises the main causes of typical potholes and ways of limiting their formation. The non-technical guide is aimed at(More)
Abstract One hundred and twenty-eight Chinese patients at two Western medical practices and two Chinese medical practices in Singapore completed a questionnaire regarding perceptions of illnesses. Health beliefs and attitudes towards different medical practitioners. Results indicate significant differences between those who consult only allopathic(More)
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