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Previous objective speech quality assessment models, such as bark spectral distortion (BSD), the perceptual speech quality measure (PSQM), and measuring normalizing blocks (MNB), have been found to be suitable for assessing only a limited range of distortions. A new model has therefore been developed for use across a wider range of network conditions,(More)
Subjective assessment methods have been used reliably for many years to evaluate video quality. They continue to provide the most reliable assessments compared to objective methods. Some issues that arise with subjective assessment include the cost of conducting the evaluations and the fact that these methods cannot easily be used to monitor video quality(More)
With storage capacities increasing much faster than data rates, fast read-out of content is becoming a bottleneck for the convenient use of optical storage devices. Two-Dimensional Optical Storage (TwoDOS) is a new concept that solves this data-rate problem by using a multi-spot parallel read-out system. In addition, the storage capacity is increased with a(More)
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