Andrielle de Castilho Fernandes

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Hemophilia B is a genetic disease of the coagulation system that affects one in 30,000 males worldwide. Recombinant human Factor IX (rhFIX) has been used for hemophilia B treatment, but the amount of active protein generated by these systems is inefficient, resulting in a high-cost production of rhFIX. In this study, we developed an alternative for rhFIX(More)
OBJECTIVE Nowadays recombinant factor VIII is produced in murine cells including in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) and baby hamster kidney cells (BHK). Previous studies, using the murine leukemia virus-derived retroviral vector pMFG-FVIII-P140K, modified two recombinant human cell lines, HepG2 and Hek293 to produce recombinant factor VIII. In order to(More)
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