Andri Rezano

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Genetic BRCA2 insufficiency is associated with breast cancer development; however, in sporadic breast cancer cases, high BRCA2 expression is paradoxically correlated with poor prognosis. Because DSS1, a mammalian component of the transcription/RNA export complex, is known to stabilize BRCA2, we investigated how the expression of DSS1 is associated with(More)
Cancer cells often contain p53 abnormalities that impair cell-cycle checkpoint progression and cause resistance to various anti-cancer treatments. DNA damage occurs at actively transcribed genes during G1-phase in yeast cells that have a deficient mRNA export capacity. Here, we show that germinal center-associated nuclear protein (GANP), a homologue of(More)
Andri Rezano ( Kazuhiko Kuwahara ( Mutsuko Yamamoto-Ibusuki ( Masahiro Kitabatake ( Penpak Moolthiya ( Suchada Phimsen ( Taiji Suda ( Shigenobu Tone ( Yutaka(More)
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