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The surge of interest in bioenergy has been marked with increasing efforts in research and development to identify new sources of biomass and to incorporate cutting-edge biotechnology to improve efficiency and increase yields. It is evident that various microorganisms will play an integral role in the development of this newly emerging industry, such as(More)
The thermodynamic “permission” to build a device that can evaluate a sequence of logic operations that operate at zero energy has existed and has been unsolved for about 40 years. Over the last four years, we have explored the possibility of a constructive proof. And we finally have found successfully such a proof and found that lossless logic systems could(More)
There was effectuated a testing of 500 recruits of Kirov region for purposes of detecting cognitive power, level of neuro-psychic resistance, evidence of dividual professionally important qualities. It was shown, that 11,8% of recruits are characterized by modesty and unsociability, 34,9%--are more opened for contact. According to intelligence quotient(More)
We found some errors in the paper published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences [1]. The table 1 had some typographical errors, information regarding field intensity missing, and the nomenclature did not match the legend. The corrected version is given below. Table 1. Summary of electromagnetic treatments of some microorganisms.
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