Andrey Yu. Dubin

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We calculate quantum averages of Wilson loops (holonomies) in gauge theories on the Euclidean noncommutative plane, using a path-integral representation of the star-product. We show how the perturbative expansion emerges from a concise general formula and demonstrate its anomalous behavior at large parameter of noncommutativity for the simplest nonplanar(More)
The inhibition of alpha-chymotrypsin by horse leucocyte neutral proteinases inhibitor was time-dependent with synthetic substrate N-benzoyl-L-tyrosine ethyl ester but not with azo-casein. This time dependence could be used to calculate the rate constant kass for the association of the inhibitor with bovine alpha-chymotrypsin (kass = 0.3 X 10(6)M-1 S-1). The(More)
We put forward the low-energy confining asymptote of the solution < WC > (valid for large macroscopic contours C of the size >> 1/ΛQCD ) to the large N Loop equation in the D = 4 U(N) Yang-Mills theory with the asymptotic freedom in the ultraviolet domain. Adapting the multiscale decomposition characteristic of the Wilsonean renormgroup, the proposed Ansatz(More)
The light-cone Hamiltonian is derived from the general gauge – and Lorentz – invariant expression for the qq̄ Green’s function, containing confinement via the area law for the Wilson loop. The resulting Hamiltonian contains in a nonadditive way contributions from quark and string degrees of freedom. Different limiting dynamical regimes of the system of(More)
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