Andrey Yu Bushmanov

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The purpose of development of this clinical practice guidelines was to provide evidence-based protocols that help the practitioner and the patient make the right decision for the health assessment, treatment and prevention of pneumoconiosis. Pneumoconiosis is the interstitial lung disease of occupational origin caused by prolonged inhalation of inorganic(More)
Eight of the most severe cases of acute radiation disease (ARS) known to have occurred in humans (as the result of criticality accidents) had survival times less than 120 h (herein defined as "early death"). These accidents were analyzed and are discussed with respect to the specific accident scenarios and the resulting accident-specific, mixed(More)
Expansion of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (MSCs) used in clinical practices may be associated with accumulation of genetic instability. Understanding temporal and mechanistic aspects of this process is important for improving stem cell therapy protocols. We used γH2AX foci as a marker of a genetic instability event and quantified it in MSCs that undergone(More)
Mechanisms underlying the effects of low-dose ionizing radiation (IR) exposure (10-100 mGy) remain unknown. Here we present a comparative study of early (less than 24h) and delayed (up to 11 post-irradiation passages) radiation effects caused by low (80 mGy) vs intermediate (1000 mGy) dose X-ray exposure in cultured human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells(More)
As a result of some deviations in the installation of the X-ray inspection plant 'Extravolt-225/1600' two workers of an X-ray inspection laboratory were exposed to the radiation in a dose enough to cause an acute local radiolesions (LRs). The first patient was diagnosed with an acute LR of the hands of severe and extremely severe degree. The second patient(More)
BACKGROUND The disasters at Seveso, Three Mile Island, Bhopal, Chernobyl, the World Trade Center (WTC) and Fukushima had historic health and economic sequelae for large populations of workers, responders and community members. METHODS Comparative data from these events were collected to derive indications for future preparedness. Information from the(More)
It was shown that the kinetics of changes of γH2AX foci number (marker of DNA double-strand breaks) in human skin fibroblasts after exposure to low doses of X-ray radiation (20, 40 and 80 mGy) differs from that observed after exposure to medium-low doses (160 and 240 mGy). After exposure to 160 and 240 mGy the highest number of γH2AX foci was detected at 30(More)
A comparative investigation of the induction of double-strand DNA breaks (DSBs) in the Chinese hamster V79 cells by γ-radiation at dose rates of 1, 10 and 400 mGy/min (doses ranged from 0.36 to 4.32 Gy) was performed. The acute radiation exposure at a dose rate of 400 mGy/min resulted in the linear dose-dependent increase of the γ-H2AX foci formation. The(More)
An in-depth analysis conducted on the historical background and current status of occupational medicine in Russia is presented. Scientific and practical bases of occupational medicine in the Russian Federation were based on 2 of the most important principles of health service: free medical care and its preventive orientation. Our analysis of the current(More)
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