Andrey Vylegzhanin

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Experiments on decerebrated curarized cats were performed to study changes in the basal level of arterial pressure, cardiac output and blood flow in the common iliac artery, as well as hemodynamic reactions induced by the central command to the skeletal muscles during fictitious scratching after administration of clonidine in a dose of 30 microgram/kg and(More)
This paper describes the results of design and implementation of a multi-agent system for real time scheduling and controlling in the Izhevsk Axion-Holding Factory. Lessons learnt, key measured benefits of solution and perspectives are presented.
Cardiac and vascular components of the hemodynamic response to "central command" to the skeletal muscles in immobilized decerebrated cats using an experimental model of "fictitious scratching" revealed that activation of the m. gastrocnemius increased blood pressure by 57 mm Hg, whereas cardiac output and blood flow in the common iliac artery changed(More)
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