Andrey Vavilin

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Dynamic range limitation of CCD-cameras may cause distortions and data loses in images. Such limitations are strongly effect to the further image processing. This paper describes method of combining information from differently exposed images for increasing dynamic range. Initially image is decomposed into set of regions. For each of region we compute(More)
Most of the existing methods are focused on HDR image generation for static scenes. However, these methods are not effective for the scenes with moving objects. In this paper we present an algorithm that generates High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from three differently exposed Low Dynamic Range (LDR) images taken from different viewpoints. It allows(More)
In the proposed work a method for generating HDR images based on exposure blending is described. Using three differently exposed images a single image with recovered details in shadows and highlights is generated. Input images are analyzed to locate over and underexposed regions based on pixels intensity. Local contrast of input images is also considered in(More)
In this paper we present an approach to detect traffic guidance signs and recognise the structure of junction information on them. The detection algorithm is based on using differently exposed images. These images are combined into one using tone mapping technique in order to minimize effects of bad environment conditions and low dynamic range of(More)
This paper describes a method for image classification and retrieval for natural and urban scenes. The proposed algorithm is based on hierarchical image contents analysis. First image is classified as urban or natural according to color and edge distribution properties. Additionally scene is classified according to its conditions: illumination, weather,(More)
Pedestrian detection is an important task in many applications such as intelligent transportation systems, image retrieval, surveillance systems, automated personal assistance, etc. This paper proposes a set of modified Haar-like features that have parallelogram shapes. Using the proposed feature descriptors to develop a rapid detection system for(More)
This paper proposes a method for localization of vehicle using one point plus an edge matching region of monocular vision in wide urban environments. The five degree of freedom (5-DoF) localization estimated by monocular omnidirectional camera improves the planar motion assumption in most of conventional researches. In recent year, the car-like motion model(More)