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The binary &#949;-indicator is often used to assess the quality of solutions in multiobjective optimization, and to perform optimization as well. It is normally evaluated using a straightforward &#952;(<i>nmk</i>) algorithm, where <i>n</i> and <i>m</i> are the number of solutions in the arguments, and <i>k</i> is the number of objectives. This is considered(More)
Calcium entry into the nerve endings through voltage-dependent calcium channels triggers a chain of events leading to exocytosis of neurotransmitter, providing the transmission of excitation through the synapse. In this regard, a significant role of calcium ions and presynaptic calcium channels in the modulation of secretion is evident. However, the(More)
The impact of attenuated magnetic field (МF) on human health is a burning issue of present-day cosmonautics. A series of experiments with animals exposed to attenuated MF revealed violent disorders in the development of the cardiovascular system. The purpose of this study was to estimate the effects of hypomagnetic environment (HME) on capillary blood(More)
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