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A new strain, Streptomyces rimosus LS-T hybrid, characterized by a lower level of foaming and higher antibiotic activity as compared to the other active strains of S. rimosus, is obtained as a result of selection among prototrophic recombinant forms of strains LS-T293 and BS-21. The studies on strain LS-T hybrid show the possibilities of combining(More)
Variation of different features of populations of streptomycin-sensitive and streptomycin-resistant forms of M. purpurea var. violacea, an organism producing gentamicin was studied. The population of the initial streptomycin-sensitive culture was characterized by high homogeneity with respect to the cultural, morphological and some physiological properties.(More)
High mutagenic activity of N-nitrozodimethylurea (NDMU), an agent of the group of the nitrozo compounds not studied in detail was shown with respect to prototrophic and auxotrophic strains of Actinomyces rimosus, an organism producing oxytetracycline and Penicillium chrysogenum, an organism producing penicillin. The rate of direct and back mutations in the(More)