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A new strain, Streptomyces rimosus LS-T hybrid, characterized by a lower level of foaming and higher antibiotic activity as compared to the other active strains of S. rimosus, is obtained as a result of selection among prototrophic recombinant forms of strains LS-T293 and BS-21. The studies on strain LS-T hybrid show the possibilities of combining(More)
Variation of different features of populations of streptomycin-sensitive and streptomycin-resistant forms of M. purpurea var. violacea, an organism producing gentamicin was studied. The population of the initial streptomycin-sensitive culture was characterized by high homogeneity with respect to the cultural, morphological and some physiological properties.(More)
The electrophoretic pattern of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) was studied in 60 intergeneric fox hybrids (Alopex lagopus X Vulpes vulpes), 33 females and 27 males. It is shown that the structural gene for G-6-PD, designated as Gpd, is located on the X-chromosome in both Arctic and silver foxes. Analysis of G-6-PD in the erythrocytes of hybrid(More)