Andrey V. Pavlov

Daniel K. Peyser1
Romolo Nonno1
Margot Plews1
Davin Henderson1
Kyung Je Park1
1Daniel K. Peyser
1Romolo Nonno
1Margot Plews
1Davin Henderson
1Kyung Je Park
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  • Seong Soo An, Kuntaek Lim, Young Chul Youn, Eva Bagyinszky, Christiane Segarra, Sungmin Kang +346 others
  • 2001
Previously, Multimer Detection System (MDS) detected scrapie infected lambs of 8 mo age at pre-clinical stage in comparison with the normal controls. Above lamb were born from scrapie infected parent sheep (VRQ/VRQ). Here, MDS was challenged twice blindly with scrapie sheep blood samples from pre-clinical stages. These sheep showed no symptoms and they died(More)
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