Andrey V Maznychenko

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The distribution of c-fos expression and NADPH-diaphorase reactivity in the cervical and lumbar segments after stimulation of the vanilloid receptors in the dorsal neck muscles with capsaicin was studied in cats anaesthetized with alpha-chloralose. After the unilateral intramuscular injection of capsaicin, the mean number of Fos-immunoreactive neurons(More)
INTRODUCTION Expression of c-fos initiated by muscle proprioceptive signaling was studied in rats after inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) with administration of 7-nitroindazole (7-NI). METHODS Fos-immunoreactive (Fos-ir) neurons were visualized immunohistochemically in the lumbar cord after vibration of the Achilles tendon and/or 7-NI(More)
The distribution of NADPH-diaphorase-reactive (NADPH-dr) neurons and neuronal processes in the cerebral cortex and basal forebrain and their association with parenchymal vessels were studied in normal adult rats using NADPH-d histochemical protocol. The intensely stained cortical interneurons and reactive subcortically originating afferents, and stained(More)
The distribution of Fos-immunoreactive (Fos-ir) and NADPH Diaphorase reactive (NADPH-dr-) neurons in the different subnuclei of amygdala and insular cortex (on the level -2,12 to -3,14 mm from bregma), and the associated changes of heart rate (HR) in intact, food-deprivated and executed food-procuring movements of rats were studied. In comparison with other(More)
The comparative study of expression of early c-fos-gene (marker of neuronal activation) and NADPH-diaphorase reactivity (NADPH-dr) was performed in the cervical spinal cord of rats in the control (intact) animal, in the state of starvation and after realization of long-lasting (repeated 4 to 12 times per minute for 30 min) motivated stereotyped(More)
The aim of this research was to study the changes of the motor reflex activity (monosynaptic reflex (MSR) of the flexor and extensor muscles) and Fos immunoreactivity in lumbo-sacral spinal cord after acute induced myositis of m. gastrocnemius-soleus (GS). The experiments were carried out on ischaemic decerebrated, spinalized in C1 cats. After infiltration(More)
The aim of this research was to reveal the changes in the NADPH-d reactivity in the lumbal spinal cord (L6/L7) of cats with unilateral acute myositis of the mm. gastrocnemius-soleus after intramuscular injections of carrageenan. The effect of unilateral muscle inflammation was expressed in a significant increase in the number of NADPH-d-reactive neurons in(More)
c-fos gene expression in the cervical spinal cord and amygdala was examined in anaesthetized rats following muscle fatigue caused by intermittent high-rate (100 s(-1)) electrical stimulation of the dorsal neck muscles (m. trapezius and m. splenius). Fatigue-related increases in c-fos expression were observed on the stimulated muscle side in the cervical(More)
Capsaicin (Sigma, 5 mg/l ml) was unilaterally injected into dorsal neck muscles (mm. trapezius, splenius) of the cat (n = 6) anesthetized with alpha-chloralose. The laminar distribution of Fos- immunoreactive (Fos-ir) and NADPH-d-reactive neurons was studied in the sections of the cervical and lumbar segments. In comparison to sham operated animals (n = 2),(More)
The distribution of c-fos expression as a marker of neuronal activation and NADPH-diaphorase reactivity were examined in the cervical spinal cord, limbic structures and hypothalamus in anaesthetized rats after fatigue induced by intermittent high-rate (100 s(-1)) electrical stimulation of the dorsal neck muscles (mm. trapezius and splenius). In comparison(More)