Andrey V. Kozyukov

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Some modifications were introduced into the previously described Centroid diversity sorting algorithm, which uses cosine similarity metric. The modified algorithm is suitable for the work with large databases on personal computers. For example, for diversity sorting of the database with the size greater than a million of records, less than 9 h are required(More)
The development of a scoring scheme for the classification of molecules into serine protease (SP) actives and inactives is described. The method employed a set of pre-selected descriptors for encoding the molecular structures, and a trained neural network for classifying the molecules. The molecular requirements were profiled and validated by using(More)
Stimulation of production of reactive oxygen intermediates (ROI) was examined in human peripheral blood monocytes by luminol-dependent chemiluminescence. The dose-response cureve characterizing the dependence of ROI production on the concentration of platelet-activating factor (PAF) showed that stimulation occurred within a concentration range of 2×10−9M to(More)
3.90 millimoles piperazinylquinoline, 4.35 millimoles diethylphosphite, 50 ml benzene, and 4.20 millimoles carbon tetrachloride were loaded into the reaction flask. The mixture was agitated with heating for 2 h at a temperature of 50~ after which 4.45 millimoles triethylamine in 3 ml benzene was added. The reaction mixture was agitated with heating for 3 h.(More)
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