Andrey V. Konstantinov

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This paper considers a data analysis system for collaborative platforms which was developed by the joint research team of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Witology company. Our focus is on describing the methodology and results of the first experiments. The developed system is based on several modern models and methods for(More)
This paper discusses the recommender models and methods for crowd sourcing platforms. These models are based on modern methods of data analysis of object-attribute data, such as Formal Concept Analysis and biclustering. In particular, the paper is focused on the solution of two tasks - idea and antagonists recommendation - on the example of crowd sourcing(More)
We propose a new approach for Collaborative filtering which is based on Boolean Matrix Factorisation (BMF) and Formal Concept Analysis. In a series of experiments on real data (Movielens dataset) we compare the approach with the SVDand NMF-based algorithms in terms of Mean Average Error (MAE). One of the experimental consequences is that it is enough to(More)
We describe a new recommender system for the Russian interactive radio network FMhost. The new recommender model combines collaborative and user-based approaches. The system extracts information from tags of listened tracks for matching user and radio station profiles and follows an adaptive online learning strategy based on user history. We also provide(More)
The effect of major disturbances on the structure of pine forests in the interfluve of the Chernaya and Pugai rivers has been retrospectively analyzed back to the late 19th century. The results show that intensive timber harvesting and fires produced a synergistic effect so that the natural fire regime in these forests has changed; in particular, the(More)