Andrey V Dmitriev

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Double-barreled H(+)-selective microelectrodes were used to measure local extracellular concentration of H(+) ([H(+)]o) in the retina of dark-adapted anesthetized Long-Evans rats. The microelectrode advanced in steps of 30 μm throughout the retina from the vitreal surface to retinal pigment epithelium and then to the choroid, recording changes in [H(+)]o(More)
The effect of baclophen (5-10 mg/kg) on the background arterial blood pressure (AP), amplitude of nociceptive AP reactions under electrostimulation of the tail's proximal part and the time of AP normalization after the nociceptive action was studied in the experiments of awaking rats with implanted arterial catheters. Baclophen in the range of analgesic(More)
Spectrum of the analgetic activity of GABA derivatives baclofen (2.5-10.0 mg/kg) and tolibut (12.5-100.0 mg/kg) was studied in experiments on albino mice and rats. Baclofen and especially tolibut showed a dose-dependent inhibition of perceptive, emotional and autonomic manifestations of nociceptive reactions at the tail's thermal and electrical stimulation(More)
A method for preclinical evaluation of the optimal ratio (for analgesia) of an analgesic to a tranquilizer has been devised. It is based on the drug threshold dose decrease on the drug combined use. The multiple stepwise regression analysis of the data discovered the correlations between diazepam and promedol, optimal for pain perception decrease and(More)
Experiments on unrestrained rats were made to study the influence of central gray matter of the midbrain, whose activation evokes analgesia, on hemodynamic manifestations of pain reactions under tooth pulp irritation. Electrical stimulation of the brain "analgetic areas" that does not change the animals' behavior or vegetative indices at rest decreased or(More)
Clophelin significantly decreases the intensity of behavioral and hemodynamic manifestations of nociceptive reactions and inhibits spontaneous behavior only in doses exerting a powerful hypotensive action in normotensive unrestrained cats (0.02-0.03 mg/kg) and rats (2-4 mg/kg). A similar correlation between the inhibition of nociceptive reactions and(More)
It was shown in chronic experiments on cats that analgetics in subanalgetic doses not only revealed the antinociceptive effect under subthreshold stimulation of the midbrain, but also enhanced the analgetic effect of the central stimulation. The tranquilizers promoted only the analgetic action under the subthreshold stimulation of the midbrain. Possible(More)
It was demonstrated in chronic experiments on cats that stimulation of certain midbrain regions decreased or fully depressed the pain reaction evoked by dental pulp stimulation. The antinociceptive effect depending on the parameters of the brain stimulation was shown in differential change of the separate motor and vegetative and emotional - behaviour(More)
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