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Purpose: The lipophilic carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor acetazolamide has been shown to enhance subretinal fluid resorption, reduce subretinal pH, and can improve cystoid macular edema, but its clinical use is limited by systemic side effects. While these are most likely a result of inhibiting intracellular CA isoenzymes, retinal pigment epithelial (RPE)(More)
We hypothesized that the retina of diabetic animals would be unusually acidic due to increased glycolytic metabolism. Acidosis in tumors and isolated retina has been shown to lead to increased VEGF. To test the hypothesis we have measured the transretinal distribution of extracellular H(+) concentration (H(+)-profiles) in retinae of control and diabetic(More)
Many recent investigations have shown that electrical stimulation of various brain formations -the central gray matter (CGM), limbic structures, hypothalamus, etc. -induces marked analgesia, manifested as elevation of the pain threshold and an inhibition of emotional behavioral manifestations of pain [2, 7, ii]. However, there is virtually no information on(More)
The (Q)SAR models for evaluating the structure–property relationships, fit for prediction of drug interactions with P-glycoprotein as inhibitors or substrates, were constructed using PASS and GUSAR software. The models were constructed and validated on the basis of information on the structure and characteristics of 256 and 94 compounds used as(More)
Chronic experiments on cats showed that analgesics, in subanalgesic doses, not only exhibit an antinociceptive effect when accompanied by subthreshold stimulation of the mesencephalon, but also potentiate the analgesic action of central stimulation. Tranquilizers only facilitate the development of an analgesic effect during subthreshold mesencephalic(More)
Recent investigations have shown that clofelin*, whose hypotensive action is wall known, also induces an analgesic effect which is even stronger than that of morphine [i0, 12]. It has been suggested that an important role in this effect is played by opioidand peptidergic mechanisms of action of clofelin [7, i0, 13]. According to one hypothesis, clofelin and(More)
Chronic experiments on cats showed that stimulation of certain zones of the mesencephalon reduces or completely suppresses responses to pain caused by stimulation of the dental pulp. Depending on the parameters of brain stimulation the antinociceptive effect was manifested as differential changes in individual motor, autonomic, emotional, and behavioral(More)
In its effective dose range the y-aminobutyric acid derivative baclofen (Lioresal), with a muscle-relaxlng and analgesic action, has a marked effect on the cardiovascular system [9]. Changes in activity of the cardiovascular system are considered to be due mainly to the central action of the drug, leading to intensification of the flow of sympathetic(More)
A state of emotional stress in animals, whether arising in the course of a natural conflict situation or during stimulation of "emotiogenic" brain zones, is accompanied by eleva~ tion of the arterial blood pressure (BP) and by tachycardia, in the formation of which an important role is played by central modulation of baroreceptor reflexes [6-8], Pressor(More)
Experiments on decerebrate cats showed that fentanyl, in a dose of 10 μg/kg or more, inhibits neurons of the bulbar respiratory center, with a resulting decrease in the mean firing rate, a change in the number of spikes in the discharge and its duration, and disturbance of the temporal distribution of spikes in the discharge. The degree of inhibition of the(More)
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