Andrey Tsyganov

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Extreme precipitation events are recognised as important drivers of ecosystem responses to climate change and can considerably affect high-latitude ombrotrophic bogs. Therefore, understanding the relationships between increased rainfall and the biotic components of these ecosystems is necessary for an estimation of climate change impacts. We studied overall(More)
Appropriate management of contemporary environments requires knowledge of their long-term history. We use palaeoecological data to explore how contemporary forest-steppe environments have been shaped by climate change and human impacts through the Holocene using the western Mid-Russian Upland as a case-study. Our paper presents new reconstructions of Mid-(More)
Samples for analysis of testate amoebae and other protists frequently need to be stored for many months before microscopy. This storage commonly involves refrigeration, but we know that testate amoebae can live and reproduce in these conditions. This raises the question: do communities change during storage and how might this effect the data produced? We(More)
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