Andrey Tsouladze

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Eight independent chl (chromosome loss) mutants were isolated using yeast haploid strain disomic for chromosome III. In these mutants, chromosome III is lost during mitosis 50-fold more frequently than in the wild-type strains. chl mutants are also incapable of stable maintenance of circular and linear artificial chromosomes. Seven of the eight mutations(More)
Successful progression through the cell cycle requires the coupling of mitotic spindle formation to DNA replication. In this report we present evidence suggesting that, inSaccharomyces cerevisiae, theCDC40 gene product is required to regulate both DNA replication and mitotic spindle formation. The deduced amino acid sequence ofCDC40 (455 amino acids)(More)
We have identified four new genetic loci: CHL2 (on chromosome XII), CHL3 (on chromosome XII); CHL4 (on chromosome IV), and CHL5 (on chromosome IX), controlling mitotic transmission of yeast chromosomes. The frequency of loss of chromosomes is 10-100-fold higher in chl5, chl2, chl3 and chl4 mutants than observed in wild-type strains. The mutants also show(More)
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