Andrey Stankevich

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Genetic algorithms (GAs) are widely used in multi-objective optimization for solving complex problems. There are two distinct approaches for GA design: generational and steady-state algorithms. Most of the current state-of-the-art GAs are generational, although there is an increasing interest to steady-state algorithms as well. However, for algorithms based(More)
This paper deals with reconfigurable hardware platform for different purposes real-time speech and audio signal processing. A design conception and turnkey solution are described. Much attention is paid to reconfigurable peripheral processor meant for external interface realization, preand postdata processing as well as digital signal processing algorithms(More)
Many evolutionary multi-objective algorithms rely heavily on non-dominated sorting, the procedure of assigning ranks to individuals according to Pareto domination relation. The steady-state versions of these algorithms need efficient implementations of incremental non-dominated sorting, an algorithm or data structure which supports efficient addition of a(More)