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In this paper the assistive multimodal system is presented, which is aimed for the disabled people, which need other kinds of interfaces than ordinary people. The group of users of this system is persons with hands disabilities. The interaction between a user and a machine is performed by voice and head movements. It gives the opportunity for disabled(More)
The paper presents the results of recent experiments with audiovisual speech recognition for two popular Slavonic languages: Russian and Czech. The description of test applied tasks, the process of multimodal databases collection and data pre-processing, methods for visual features extraction (geometric shape-based features; DCT and PCA pixel-based visual(More)
Speech is the most natural way of human communication and in order to achieve convenient and efficient human–computer interaction implementation of state-of-the-art spoken language technology is necessary. Research in this area has been traditionally focused on In this paper, we describe our efforts to build an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system for(More)