Andrey N. Makarenko

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The effect of the new drug "cerebral" and its fractions 1-3 on the model of bilateral hemorrhagic stroke in white rats was studied with reference to the action of cebrolysin and cerebrolysate-M. With respect to the general functional state, behavioral activity restoration, and morphological data, the most pronounced antistroke action was observed for the(More)
Effects of the nootropic neuropeptide drugs cerebrolysin (Ebewe, Austria) and cortexin (Geterofarm, Russia) on the immunocompetent cells (T-lymphocytes of the MT-4 cell line and B-lymphocytes of the Raji cell line) were studied in vitro. The cell viability was evaluated using the MTT test by counting living and dead cells upon incubation under various(More)
Six-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity (with a linear Gauss-Bonnet term) is investigated. This theory is inspired by basic features of results coming from string and M-theory. Dynamical compactification is carried out and it is seen that a four-dimensional accelerating FRW universe is recovered, when the two-dimensional internal space radius shrinks.(More)
A standardized experimental model of intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke in small laboratory animals is developed and advanced for chronic neurobiological studies of normal and pathological higher nervous activity as well as disorders developed after acute hemorrhages. A device is advanced which allows a researcher to destroy appropriate brain structures(More)
A scheme of complex administration of drugs in the order neuroprotector + neuroactivator + neuroretarder for the treatment of neurodegenerative processes in the brain has been elaborated and tested on a model object representing neurodegenerative mutants of Drosophila melanogaster. The appearance of changes in the brain was delayed when drugs were used(More)
The processes of developed in CNS the complicated stroke and developments of fittings for their pharmaceutical therapy were developed and offering by standardized method of the experimental secondary stroke in rats, suitable for the use in sharp and chronic researches. Variant of repeated hemorrhagic stroke consist of autohemorrhagic right hemisphere stroke(More)
The effect of the new nootropic drug nooglutyl, a positive modulator of AMPA-subtype glutamatergic receptors, was studied in rats with a model hemorrhagic stroke (HS)--posttraumatic hematoma induced by cerebral tissue destruction in the capsule interna region. Single intraperitoneal injections of nooglutyl (10 and 20 mg/kg) 3-4 h after operation decreased(More)
The mechanism of therapeutic action of cortical neurotropic factors (CNTF) was studied in hemorrhagic stroke. In intracerebral hemorrhage, CNTFs were shown to elevate the level of nerve growth factor mRNA and at the same time, produce no effect on its level in intact animals. The neuroactivating action of CNTF in the acute phase of hemorrhagic stroke was(More)