Andrey N. Makarenko

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Six-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity (with a linear Gauss-Bonnet term) is investigated. This theory is inspired by basic features of results coming from string and M-theory. Dynamical compactification is carried out and it is seen that a four-dimensional accelerating FRW universe is recovered, when the two-dimensional internal space radius shrinks.(More)
A standardized experimental model of intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke in small laboratory animals is developed and advanced for chronic neurobiological studies of normal and pathological higher nervous activity as well as disorders developed after acute hemorrhages. A device is advanced which allows a researcher to destroy appropriate brain structures(More)
A scheme of complex administration of drugs in the order neuroprotector + neuroactivator + neuroretarder for the treatment of neurodegenerative processes in the brain has been elaborated and tested on a model object representing neurodegenerative mutants of Drosophila melanogaster. The appearance of changes in the brain was delayed when drugs were used(More)
The mechanism of therapeutic action of cortical neurotropic factors (CNTF) was studied in hemorrhagic stroke. In intracerebral hemorrhage, CNTFs were shown to elevate the level of nerve growth factor mRNA and at the same time, produce no effect on its level in intact animals. The neuroactivating action of CNTF in the acute phase of hemorrhagic stroke was(More)
Acute experiments on cats have shown that with an increase of ether anesthesia, the supravisual nucleus of the hypothalamus deprived of the influence of the orbitofrontal zone of the cerebral cortex gets less resistant to ether than an analogous nucleus that retained the subordination influence of the cortex. The highest resistance is demonstrated by the(More)
Effective influence of the drug Cerebral and its micro- and macrofractions on the mean lifespan and degenerative process dynamics of Drosophila melanogaster have been investigated. No dose--effect dependence was detected when different concentrations of Cerebral were used. The administration of Cerebral as a neuroactivating remedy combined with piracetam(More)
Acute experiments have shown that as ftorotan anesthesia is enhanced, the supraoptical nucleus of the hypothalamic area deprived of the effect of the orbitofrontal zone of the cerebral cortex gets less resistant to ftorotan than the analogous nucleus experiencing the influence of the cortical zones. The greatest resistance to ftorotan anesthesia was(More)
Chronic experiments on unanesthetized rabbits have demonstrated that frontal cortex polarization with a constant anode current (5 mkA) elevates the resistance of bioelectrical activity to ether of the ipsilateral supervisual nucleus of the hypothalamus and midbrain reticular formation as well as the general endurance of the body. As compared with controls,(More)
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