Andrey Murashov

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Atherosclerotic plaque formation and vascular calcinosis were modeled in a subchronic experiment. Reduced HDL and elevated LDL concentrations, increased atherogenic index and albumin toxicity index, and high blood levels of triglycerides and uric acid were early markers of pathology. Xydiphone in combination with vitamin D effectively reduced these changes(More)
Reaction of a high-temperature solid-phase catalytic isotope exchange in peptides and proteins under the action of the catalytically activated spillover hydrogen was studied. The reaction of human recombinant insulin with deuterium and tritium at 120–140°C resulted in an incorporation of 2–6 isotope hydrogen atoms per one insulin molecule. The distribution(More)
Values and attitudes towards the regional integration process of the Russian political elites are considered as an indication of what regional integration (RI) tends to be and how it evolves over time. This paper suggests how to systematically grasp and integrate elite's attitude into the analysis of RI by means of text network analysis. The text network(More)
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