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Mechanical Tests of the ITER's PF-1 Coil Electrical Insulation Qualification Samples at 77 K
The PF1 coil is one of six poloidal field coils of the ITER magnet system. In accordance with the PF-1 coil procurement arrangement, JSC NIIEFA have manufactured and tested qualification samples ofExpand
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Technology and Tooling to Manufacture Low-Ohm $(< 2\ \hbox{n}\Omega)$ Electrical Joints of the ITER PF1 Coil
According to the technical specification for the PF1 coil, niobium-titanium “cable-in-conduit” conductors are to be connected into a single electric circuit using low-ohm electrical joints. The jointExpand
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Thermal desorption from self-damaged tungsten exposed to deuterium atoms
Deuterium retention in tungsten damaged by 2–20 MeV W ions and then exposed to D atoms was investigated by means of thermal desorption spectroscopy. Experimental data demonstrate a significantExpand
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Winding Shop of the PF1 Coil Double Pancakes
The Poloidal Field (PF) coils are one from four main sub-systems of the ITER magnet. The PF1 coil-a cylindrical ring coil with external diameter ~9 m, height ~1 m and weight ~200 ton-is supposed toExpand
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Deuterium retention in mixed C–W–D films co-deposited in magnetron discharge in deuterium
Abstract Deuterium retention in C–D and C–W–D mixed films deposited in a magnetron discharge in deuterium was studied. The deuterium content in the C–D films was in the range D/C = 0.65–0.75 forExpand
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Novel cryogenic high voltage insulation breaks with spiral channel
Insulation breaks are used in cryogenic lines with a gas or liquid at temperatures of 4.2-300 K and pressure up to 30 MPa to isolate the parts of electrophysical setup with different electricalExpand
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R&D of Insulating and Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment for PF1 Coil Double Pancakes
The PF1 coil is one of six poloidal field coils of the ITER magnet system. The PF1 coil winding is constructed from eight double pancakes (DPs), which are plane cylindrical solenoids of aboutExpand
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Approaching ITER PF Coil Manufacturing
  • B. Lim, F. Simon, +15 authors Y. Chu
  • Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
  • 25 December 2015
The ITER poloidal field (PF) coil system provides a magnetic field for plasma shaping and position control together with the central solenoid coils; it needs to operate in a fast pulse mode, leadingExpand
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NDT Status of PF1 Coil Welds
Stock Company “NIIEFA,” Russia, within the framework of the international project ITER produces and supplies the PF1 poloidal field coil. The choice of design solutions, materials, and technologiesExpand
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Manufacturing and Fatigue Tests of PF1 Coil Helium Inlet
The Poloidal Field (PF1) coil is one of six PF coils of the ITER magnet system. The PF1 is composed as a stack of eight double pancakes (DPs). The DPs are wound from NbTi superconducting cableExpand
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