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This paper contains an analysis of the most widespread identification methods used in e-learning systems, revealing their benefits and drawbacks. Results obtained in our study of person identification based on the analysis of eye-tracking data are presented. A scheme of possible integration of identification method based on eye-tracking techniques into(More)
e-Learning is a highly developing field in modern education. It provides many different possibilities for studying and assessment of learning outcomes. However, a problem of developing highly reliable identification methods for assessment procedures is still an important issue. This paper presents the results of our review of identification methods(More)
Biometric identification is one of the most secure existing identification methods. Algorithms based on eye tracking techniques are being studied now by many authors as eye trackers had become more accessible during the last few years. This paper is related to a biometric identification approach and a problem of providing accurate identification results by(More)
This paper describes use of some game mechanics and a new game-based approach to retain student's knowledge and learning outcomes. The review of widespread game mechanics and description of AcademicNT Learning Management System are presented. Ranking algorithms and experimental results are examined.
This paper describes automaton model of reference algorithm for constructing a correct solution of algorithmic problems for virtual laboratories. This model is developed on the basis of the automated control object. In addition, a method for formal determination of the problem variant's complexity and an example of evaluating the complexity function are(More)
During the last decade many information systems started applying various biometric identification modules. This type of identification is secure and provides a real possibility to protect a system from an unapproved access. The paper presents a newly developed biometric identification approach that is suitable for many biometric signals. This work describes(More)
In order to provide high security level, different identification and verification methods are being used in information systems. A development of the new highly accurate methods are of great interest nowadays. Those methods that analyze biometric signals are becoming more widespread as biometric data can provide hardly forged information about a person.(More)
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